Jonathan R. Kelley, LCMHC
Staff Psychotherapist 

When asked “How can you sit and listen to people’s problems all day?” Jonathan Kelley quickly responds by saying what an amazing privilege it is to share individuals’ journeys! Listening intensely to people and gently challenging them is deeply gratifying work. As he establishes rapport, he says he especially welcomes joining individuals in exploring their life and together making new discoveries.

After many years Jonathan says he still marvels at the variety of people he meets in his work. Even in the midst of their darkest problems, there are always moments of insight and hope that open ways of healing and growth.

Jonathan is a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) and a Psychotherapist in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). He holds degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary. He completed his academic and clinical training in psychotherapy at Blanton-Peale Institute in New York City.  He has been with the Community Counseling Center since 2005.

Jonathan has office hours Monday-Friday.  When pandemic restrictions are lifted, Jonathan will again hold face-to-face sessions in the Wilmington office and in the satellite offices in Shallotte and Southport.