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Happy Senior Couple

Are you feeling disconnected, resentful, dissatisfied, or frustrated in your relationship? Are you ready for things to be different? Longing to be truly heard by your significant other? Wish you understood your partner’s needs and sensitivities better? Couples therapy is appropriate for partners who recognize that there are challenges to their relationship and who are willing to take active steps to resolve these challenges to create (or restore) a more fulfilling and loving relationship.

At the Community Counseling Center, we are honored to work alongside all couples who are at any stage of their relationship. Although our therapists each bring their individual backgrounds and training to their approaches with couples, the shared objective is to help couples realize their unique relationship goals and to promote relationships that are intimate, secure, and loving.

Couples therapy can help address relationship troubles such as:

·         Communication that is lacking, tense, or volatile

·         Intimacy and feelings of love that have faded or become non-existent 

·         Unresolved conflict

·         Infidelity, betrayal, or broken trust 

·         Something feels “off” or disconnected with your relationship

Couples therapy has a number of potential benefits. It provides tools that can improve communication, bringing clarity and compassionate understanding to issues. Couples therapy also encourages and promotes loving behaviors toward one another. Further, it can instill a sense of hope that your relationship can be repaired and be made better than before. Lastly, couples therapy can have a positive effect on individual participants; helping each of you become happier and emotionally healthier people.


                                                   Therapists that provide this service:

Dr. Ben Rigby, LP-HSP 

Daniela Williams, LCMHC, NCC

Mireya Lupercio, LCSW 

Susan Lewis, LCSW

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