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Family Therapy

Family Time

Stressors can affect an entire family, not simply one member of the family.  Even expected and positive life transitions can bring challenging times for a family unit.  Family therapy can help navigate these stressors in an effective way that meets the needs of each individual member as well as the family unit as whole.  

At the Community Counseling Center, we offer the following services to families:


Blended Family Support  

Grief Therapy                                                               

LGBTQIA+ Family Acceptance 

We can also address the following issues:

Unresolved Adoption Issues                            Adjustment to a New Marriage                        Separation and Divorce                                  Substance Use of a Family Member               Unresolved Trauma                                         Challenges of Adolescence 

Therapists providing this service:

Dr. Ben Rigby, LP-HSP 

Mireya Lupercio, LCSW

Susan Lewis, LCSW

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