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Psychology Patient


There are times when life can become heavy or complicated, and wading through it can feel overwhelming. You may have friends or family who are willing to listen, but still feel misunderstood. Having a guiding hand and feeling understood are just a couple of the benefits that can be achieved by reaching out to a professional mental health therapist.


The Community Counseling Center offers individual therapy as a sacred space where clients are invited to journey with a therapist. Individual sessions are offered to people who are looking for a place to explore and examine their life’s experiences. Whether you are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, or you are walking through life’s many transitions, our therapists are here to help. At the Community Counseling Center, you can expect caring support from a therapist using a variety of evidence based therapeutic modalities. Every person’s journey is different and we will work collaboratively with you to reach your goals and live a more intentional life.


At the Community Counseling Center, we offer individualized sessions covering a multitude of topics including those listed below:


Therapists providing this service: 


Ben T.Rigby, Ph.D.

Daniela Williams, LCMHC, NCC

Elizabeth Hartman, LCSW

Mireya Lupercio, LCSW

Sarah Dietz, PSYD, FT

Susan Lewis, LCSW


Anxiety Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Depression Disorders

Grief and Loss

Identity Development


Life Transitions


Mood Disorders

Racial Identity Exploration

Relationship Issues

Spiritual Exploration 


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