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Group Meeting

Are you feeling disconnected from others?  Do you wonder if anyone else feels the way you do?  Do you feel like you need more skills to manage your mental health?  Do you wonder how other people see you?


Group therapy provides a unique environment where you can share and connect with other people who are experiencing similar difficulties.  It can provide a safe place to offer constructive feedback and receive it from others to better understand yourself and how you relate with others, which can help you both relate with others and understand yourself better.  Process groups, skills groups, and support groups are the most common types of group therapy.  Each of these groups have different structures and goals. 


Many people often have questions or concerns about joining a group: 


“How can I share with strangers?” 

“How will hearing about other people’s problems help me?” 


Although such questions and concerns are understandable prior to starting group therapy, it is our experience and validated through research that sharing with others, getting to hear multiple perspectives, and feeling connected to others can be a truly transformative experience.


The Community Counseling Center is looking forward to offering groups in the future.  

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